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Victor Almon McKusick
by Herbert E. Abrams 
(oil on canvas, 1990)

Victor McKusick and Inbred Populations


Professor Samia Temtamy (Egypt) & Prof. Talaat I. Farag (Canada)

Amish mother holding child with Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome, one of many genetic diseases Prof. McKusick studied. (Courtesy of the Alan Mason Chesney Medical Archives)

More than 50 years ago, Prof Victor A. McKusick began his research on the genetics of inbred populations beginning with the Amish of Pennsylvania. His encyclopedic book Mendelian Inheritance in Man was published in 12 editions and now exists in the form of a free internet-based database (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man-OMIM) for all medical geneticists and scientists.

This book intends to fill the void in the literature about the genetics of inbred populations by looking at the father of medical genetics, Prof. McKusick, exploring his significant contribution to research in this area and charting future directions in the study of inbred populations worldwide.

The book is edited by two of his students who have worked intimately in the area of genetics of inbred populations. The volume will tackle the genetics of inbred populations globally from a multitude of perspectives including: clinical, epidemiological, biochemical, and molecular genetics along with approaches to sociological studies, genetic counseling and preventive genetics. The book will feature notable scholars whose research has pioneered this area of genetic investigation.

Scientists from different specializations and geographical regions who are working on inbred populations are invited to submit their research for consideration in this forthcoming volume.


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